Performance Franko B – 15 Giugno

Performance Franko B
I’m thinking of you

15 Giugno – Accademia di Belle Arti di Carrara

I’m Thinking of You presents a surreal, dreamlike image… a romantic vision of childhood fantasy and abandon. The body is central, but we are also presented with objects and music, which converge to take the viewer through a contemplative, personal experience.
The first inspiration for I’m Thinking of You came from a childhood object, which Franko B made into a sculpture, altered for safe use by adults. The idea was to allow adults to play, to forget their problems, to let go, or just to have fun – in the same way that children are allowed to. Over time, and with engagement with the composer, Helen Ottaway, the idea has developed and changed, with Franko using performance and music as a means to create his desired image.

Music composed by Helen Ottaway
Photos by Hugo Glendinning

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Photo by James Tye

L’altalena utilizzata nella performance di Franko B è stata realizzata e gentilmente concessa da Casanova Next